"WILD RICING"---Very enjoyable and refreshing piece to do. From idea to concept to finished piece.

The piece depicts the harvesting of wild rice using birch bark canoes. This is the traditional way of harvesting wild rice used by a number of tribes like the Chippewa, Cree and Ojibwa.

What captured my curiosity doing this piece was not only the skill it took to construct birch bark canoes, but also to know when and where to harvest the wild rice. I was really awed contemplating the knowledge that was learned and passed down from generation to generation. Wild Rice is considered a gift by the tribes that harvested it.

I had pictured in my mind a whole host of birch bark canoes gliding through calm waters and "knocking" the wild rice into the canoes. These canoes were all filled to capacity slowing making their way to shore. As simple as that sounds that really inspired this piece.

"Knocking" the rice into the canoe was just the beginning of a long process of harvesting. That beginning part of harvesting is what this piece represents. It also represents a much simpler way of life.

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