"HONOR SONG"---The title, the story and the meaning to this piece took much thought and consideration. I let the piece speak for itself. When art is allowed to speak the meaning will eventually reveal itself. I started this piece with no thought in mind but the more I worked on it the meaning slowly came out but I didn't yet understand it. Someone mentioned they would like to gift this piece to one of their family members who is in the Marine Corp.

That simple request set my mind in motion as to what this piece will mean and what the story would be.

In native culture the eagle is a symbol for the Great Spirit. When it rains eagles are known to fly above the storms. Many consider the eagle to fly where the Great Spirit resides, high in the heavens. Eagles stay in the air for prolonged periods of time. Eagles rely on air currents to stay aloft and expend very little energy by not flapping their wings.

Eagle feathers are also highly regarded and are worn with great respect and dignity. Eagle feathers are worn or used with a dancers regalia during pow-wow celebrations. Eagle feathers are used in ceremonies. Eagle feathers are also given to honor someone. We honor our warriors with an eagle feather for their service. We honor a person by what they have accomplished with an eagle feather (high school/college graduations, being of service to others, etc.) These eagle feathers represent leadership, courage, bravery. When individuals are presented with an eagle feather an "Honor Song" is usually sung for that person.

The meaning of this piece has truly fully revealed itself. The title for this piece came before understanding the full meaning. The full meaning came after a few nights of dreaming about my late wife. She lived a good and honorable life. She lived with respect and love for everyone she met. After that the full meaning was revealed.

We honor and recognize those for their service or accomplishments which is good, but what about people that aren't recognized for simply living a good and honorable life? We honor them by living a good life, ourselves. We honor them by getting up and going to work, teaching our kids right from wrong, we honor them by being there for one another through the good and the bad times.
We honor our families and loved ones by living our lives, WELL!

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  • Fade-resistant
  • 20.5 mil thick poly-cotton blend canvas
  • Hand-stretched over solid wood stretcher bars
  • Matte finish coating
  • 16x16