"A WARRIOR'S LOVE"---When the male warrior piece was finished it felt incomplete. When I started this female warrior piece the feeling left because it dawned on me that these two pieces were going to share one title. These two pieces complement one another. Just like in life, men have different strengths and weaknesses, women have different strengths and weaknesses.

Its in the weaknesses of both men and women where their true strength resides. When and where one person is weak the other is strong. We do not have to be strong all the time. That is a precious gift between husband and wife. Their strengths and weaknesses complement and complete one another.

I hoped to capture all the characteristics of a noble warrior. This warrior has seen and been through some tough and difficult moments in her life. But in between those though and difficult moments she has also experienced some joyful, peaceful and happy moments.

Some of the joyful, peaceful and happy moments could be anything. Those moments can and will be the same and different for each woman. Some of those moments can be: graduating high school or college, joining the military, accomplishing a certain life goal, the first date with her future husband, her wedding day, the birth of her children, her child's first steps, watching her children grow up and start families of their own, holding her grandchild for the first time, the moments are endless.

Some of the tough and difficult moments a woman can go through in her life cannot be fully listed but some of the moments can be: experiencing an injury, losing a job, going through an illness with her husband or child, losing a loved one, the loss of a child, the loss of a parent or a sibling, watching her husband fight cancer and feeling helpless, these moments cannot all be listed.

This piece shows the noble warrior each woman can become for her husband, children and family.

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