The Song of the Hummingbird 16x20

When someone we love leaves this world we tend to still feel their presence through little signs and wonders.

Those signs and wonders can be in a song or a movie. It could be in finding a penny or a dime. It could be in a certain holiday or in a certain activity.

Those signs and wonders can be seen and felt all around us when we see a particular flower, bird, animal, cloud formation, hearing or smelling the rain, feeling the wind, walking among the trees, seeing mountains or lakes or the ocean. They can be seen and felt in watching the sunrise or sunset or looking up at a star filled sky.

Those signs can be felt in singing, cooking, hiking, fishing, camping or simply spending time with family

This piece embodies those signs and wonders. The wings of the Hummingbird sing a song to heal and sooth our hearts.

Whatever sign or wonder you experience know that it is real and that your loved one is with you, in your heart and in every memory you shared.

20.5 mil thick poly-cotton blend canvas
Hand-stretched over solid wood stretcher bars
Matte finish coating