By clicking on each piece you can read about each design and its significance. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Bismarck Cancer Center who will provide help to those families in need. They will provide help to those families who are currently going through what our family went through. It is our intention to help restore hope to those families that may be just barely hanging on as they walk with a loved one going through their cancer battle.




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"A WARRIOR'S LOVE"---The way this piece started is not how I envisioned it would turn out. When I

"A WARRIOR'S LOVE"---When the male warrior piece was finished it felt incomplete. When I started



"WILD RICING"---Very enjoyable and refreshing piece to do. From idea to concept to finished piece.



"HONOR SONG"---The title, the story and the meaning to this piece took much thought and



"GENERATIONS"---The story behind this piece references two different sources or stories.

"WHITE BUFFALO"---For millennia Native Americans relied on the buffalo herds that roamed

"BEADED DREAM"---This piece was inspired by traditional Chippewa/Ojibwa floral patterns and an

"STAR QUILT CANCER RIBBON"---This piece was made sometime in late 2017. Geri lived

"TURTLE MOUNTAIN SUMMER"---This piece don't need much of a story. Style is reflective of the



"BEAR HEART"---This piece is named after a young boy who was called home in 2015 after a valiant &



"HOMELAND"---This piece was created at the request of someone who wanted a turtle with native



"SURRENDER"---the word surrender means to give up, lay down arms, defeat, give in, lose, relinquish.



"HIGH ELK"---Finished a piece that the meaning of it developed while I was working on it. Its been



"TIME"--- I did not have a title for this piece in the beginning but someone suggested Time and the



"THE JOURNEY"---The journey we are on during this life can be difficult at times but there are also



"THE JOURNEY"---The journey we are on during this life can be difficult at times but there are also

"THE JOURNEY HOME"---Life can be compared to a journey. Sometimes we hear it called the Journey

"BUTTERFLY RIBBON"---This piece was created in February 2018. It was made while Geri was in

"SUNKAWKAN (HORSE) STRONG"---First piece of the new year, 2019. This piece reflects the



"VISION"---This piece was created shortly after my wife was called home to heaven, May 1st, 2018.

"STAR of the SEA"---Mothers are Stars that lead us to safe harbors from the stormy seas we find

"FAMILY DREAM"---This piece was created in February 2018. It was made while Geri was in the

"TATANKA TOUGH"---The buffalo represents strength, endurance, gratitude, fortitude, evokes sacredness.



"REFLECTING"---There are circumstances that cause us to reflect back on our lives from time to time

"BOUNDLESS LOVE"---Love transcends time & space. It brings together the visible & invisible. Love

"WIA HUNSKA, TALL WOMAN"---This piece was finished about three days before my wife was called

"MOTHER'S NATURE"---To come up with the title and story to this piece took a lot of reflection and



"THE HOWLING"---This image was created around January 2018. At this time we were unsure of


"Cheyenne River Home"---This piece honors where my wife and her family are from, Cheyenne River

"WISDOM CATCHER"---This piece was created back in January 2018. I had a dream about my

"SONG OF THE MEADOWLARK"---This piece was created around the beginning of August 2018. It

"TURTLE MOUNTAIN HOME"---this piece was created toward the end of June 2018. Originally it was titled



"LEADERSHIP"---Meaning behind the design: Starting with the council fire: it represents leadership.

Floral Cancer Ribbon

20.5 mil thick poly-cotton blend canvas
Hand-stretched over solid wood stretcher bars
Matte finish coating