A Mother's Heart 16x20

Motherhood and the love shared between a mother and child is central to most of my art. All of us have felt the love we receive from our mothers or mom-like figures.

Each mother gives their heart to their children. Within a mother's heart are the lessons, stories and teachings of life that were passed on to her and that she now passes on to her children.

This piece took quite alot out of me emotionally. It reminds me of my own mother and the sacrifices she made for us and the lessons she taught us. I am also reminded of my wife, Geri, and the sacrifices she made for our children and the lessons she taught them.

Witnessing motherhood first hand, by watching my wife and how she raised our children and watching how she continues to help and influence our children, is something I won't forget.

What really makes me feel her presence is watching those seeds she planted in our children's hearts at a young age finally taking root and growing.
Geri is not here to watch our children get older or here to spoil her grandkids but those life lessons she passed on to our children are still here. Here in A Mother's Heart.

20.5 mil thick poly-cotton blend canvas
Hand-stretched over solid wood stretcher bars
Matte finish coating