"SURRENDER"---the word surrender means to give up, lay down arms, defeat, give in, lose, relinquish. These meanings of the word surrender are correct. When using surrender out of context the word takes on a whole new meaning. The meaning of the word surrender I am using does not mean to lose, or to give in or giving up, it doesn't mean defeat. It means the exact opposite. Surrender means we gain more than we ever had, it means trust, giving the little we have to get much more in return. That's the surrender I am talking about. I witnessed this definition of surrender first hand by watching my wife live this way. She surrendered herself over to the Will & Mercy of God. God took this selfless act of surrender and touched countless hearts and minds of countless individuals. In her surrender she won. In her trust she gained eternity. In her example we have hope. That is why I chose to title this piece "Surrender."

The symbolism in the piece is pretty straightforward but very powerful. The hands represent us at the bottom. The palms of the hands are open to show we are not holding anything back. The hand at the top of the piece represents the hand of God patiently waiting for us to "Surrender". The heart is the most intimate thing we have. The heart in this piece represents us in our entirety. It represent everything we are in all of our prayers, works, hopes, joys, sufferings, failings, shortcomings, our highs and lows. We are surrendering our hearts.

Fire has represented the Divine or Eternal since time immemorial. Fire has been used to bring light where there was once only darkness. Fire has been used to create tools of war but also some of the most beautiful pieces of art the world has ever seen. Fire has been used to mold, shape, create, forge, transform most everything in our societies from the beginning of time. The meaning fire has in this piece represents the fire that burns within us for the people we love. When that fire is stoked and kept, as it should be, the fire won't burn out or die out. That fire only continues to grow and consume more. We love unconditionally the people in our lives and only desire nothing but goodness in their lives. But when the fire within us starts to smolder our hearts can grow cold. We can become selfish, we can begin to turn inward and only start caring about ourselves. Our love becomes conditional. The needs & concerns of our loved ones fall to the wayside.

There are an infinite number of reasons why our love becomes stagnant, wavering, self-serving. For me it was the loss of my wife to cancer. Our family has had to learn to cope and move forward without her. It has been very difficult. Grief is something that if not dealt with in a good way can lead to some very tough times. This piece sums up everything that my heart has been going through. It's in surrendering that healing can begin. I pray for peace and comfort in each and everyone's families. I know dealing with the loss of a loved one or going through something very difficult is not easy. Please do not give up or lose hope. God Bless you all!!!
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  • Fade-resistant
  • 20.5 mil thick poly-cotton blend canvas
  • Hand-stretched over solid wood stretcher bars
  • Matte finish coating
  • 16x16