The company name came to fruition from two different avenues. The first part of the company is named in respect and remembrance for my Uncle Mark, my grandmother Theresa (Mark's mother who passed away in 2006 from cancer) and for all those who have had a love one pass on because of cancer. Mark grew up in a family of seven boys the son of Dallas and Theresa. The names of all the boys are Pierre, Chuck, Terrance, Ben, Mark, Mike and Doc. My father is Ben, Marks older brother.

My grandmother Theresa was a very warm and loving lady. She was willing to help anyone in need and she was loved by everyone that knew her or met her even if it was just once. She always remembered her grandchildren's birthdays. There was always a birthday card in the mail with a few dollars. She touched and continues to touch the lives of all the ones that knew her.

They grew up in North Dakota on the Turtle Mountain Chippewa Indian Reservation located in the far north central part of the state. We are enrolled members of the Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa Indians. The reservation is made up of a large diverse native demographic among them are Ojibwa, Cree, Chippewa, and Metis (mixed blood).

Uncle Mark lived in California for as long as I could remember. He was an actor and stuntman. He loved to play guitar, he played guitar so much he broke many guitar strings. Which in particular drove my Uncle Mike crazy.

In 2015 Uncle Mark made a gofundme account asking for help to realize his last wish of acting one last time. The movie he was requesting to have help with was titled Bountiful written by his longtime friend Paul Winters. Uncle Mark was not able to act one more time, he passed away in 2016 after a long battle with cancer. In honor of him, my grandmother and all those loved ones who have passed on because of cancer I use the title of the last movie he wished to act in as the first name in the company. We are all bountifully blessed.

The second name in Bountiful Rei's is in honor my wife Geri. Her middle name is Rei. She has been a Rei of faith, a Rei of hope, a Rei of love. She has been my bountiful Rei of grace. Rei's is not only in honor of her ongoing fight with cancer but it's in honor of all those loved ones we know who are still fighting and who continue to fight regardless of the cancer or diagnosis. Honoring those individuals who continue fighting is also honoring those family members who are fighting right along side their loved ones. It is not a fight to be fought alone. It is a fight that is fought by husbands, wives, sons, daughters, moms, dads, grandparents, grandchildren, aunties and uncles, nieces and nephews. It is fought by the entire family, together.
My wife has been an inspiration for me to be the best husband, the best man, the best father that I can be according to God's grace. I am thankful for her not only as my wife but also as my best friend. I love you dear.

bountiful REI'S created by family

My name is Bill and this is boutiful REI'S. Created by me with the help and inspiration from the good Lord, my wife. our children and all of our wonderful family and friends.

Geri and Bill

Geri and Bill

At a Minnesota Twins game May 2017

Geri and Bill

Geri and Bill

On our wedding day Nov. 19, 2016

Geri and Bill

Geri and Bill

Dinner date 2017

Our Family!

our daughter Breanna's Confirmation 2017. our three children Dakotah, Lonnie and Breanna. Fr. Johnson also in picture.

Bill and dad (Ben) at 2017 North Dakota Governor's Award Ceremony. Dad received his Governor's award for art.

Bill and son Lonnie at arena football game 2017.

daughter Breanna's birthday lunch 2017. Geri's parents Jim and Ramona and grandkids Dakotah, Lonnie and Breanna

Bill and mother (Sharon) at Mall of America 2017.

Dominique's high school graduation party 2017. Geri, Dominique, Lonnie (Bill and Geri's son) John, Theresa (Dominique's mom) and Teri (Bill and Theresa's younger sister).

grandpa Ben and grandma Sharon with grandkids LT, Tia and Malia.

Bill's brother Jake and nephews Julian and LT.

Lunch at West Acres Mall, Fargo. August 2017.

LT, Bill sister Teri's son. LOL.

Sharing a family meal 2017.

our daughter Dakotah eating lol. United Tribes Pow Wow Sept 2017.

nephews Julian and LJ and daughter Breanna at our wedding reception Nov 2016.

Geri's parent's (Jim and Ramona) 50th wedding anniversary dinner 2017

Geri's sister and brother, Annie and Don at our wedding Nov. 2016.

Marei and Michelle at our wedding Nov. 2016. Geri's brother and sister-in-law.

Geri's nieces, Marei and Michelle's children Olivia, Amelia and Vanessa.

Bill's sister Theresa and her son Julian at wedding reception Nov 2016

Bill's sister Theresa and her husband John at wedding reception Nov 2016

a few words about Geri's family and ancestry

Geri's father and mother have been married now for 50 years. I am grateful to be called their son. Jim and Ramona have 4 children from oldest to youngest they are Anne, Don, Marei, and Geri. They are loving parents and grandparents. Geri's father Jim comes from a German ancestry.

​ Geri's mother is Lakota from the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe in South Dakota. Geri and her siblings have a mixed heritage of German and Lakota ancestry. On her mother's side they can trace their lineage to Crazy Horse. Geri's family comes from a rich and diverse heritage. Geri and her siblings are enrolled members of the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe.

a few words about Bill's family and ancestry

My parents are Bennett and Sharon. My siblings are Theresa, Jonny, Teri and Jake. I am the second oldest. Bennett and Sharon are both wonderful and loving parents and grandparents. My mother is Dakotah Sioux from the Cut Head band of Dakotah. She is from St. Michael, ND located on the Spirit Lake Sioux Indian Reservation. She is an enrolled member of Spirit Lake along with my sisters Theresa and Teri.

My father is Chippewa and French. He is from Belcourt, ND located on the Turtle Mountain Chippewa Indian Reservation. My father and I are enrolled members of the Turtle Mountains. The Turtle Mountains have a mixed and diverse tribal base which includes: Ojibwa, Cree, Chippewa and Metis (mixed blood).