"THE JOURNEY HOME"---Life can be compared to a journey. Sometimes we hear it called the Journey of Life or Life's Journey. There are many paths we take along the journey of life. These paths intersect, diverge and merge all the time.

When we think of a journey we tend to ask questions. A journey towards what? Where are we going? How will we get there? When will we get there? Who will be there? These questions tend to get answered when we least expect.

The journey of life never ends even when our lives here on earth come to a close. The only thing that ends are the paths we take along the journey of life at different points because of circumstances or events that occur.

How many times have we tried to plan a trip or a vacation only to find things go completely opposite of what we were hoping. That same can be said for life. We have goals, plans and ideas for our lives but sometimes life has a different plan for us, a different path to take.

The path our family was on ended and a new path started in October 2012 when my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer, she was 36 years old. Over the next four years our path was filled with highs, lows, optimism, hope, joy, fear, pain, sadness, tears and loss. The path my wife walked came to an end and she made her "JOURNEY HOME," May 1, 2018, two months shy of her 40th birthday.

On that day, one path ended and a new one started for me and our family. Many of us will experience one path ending and a new one starting during our lives when we go through the loss of someone dear to us.

I did not have a title for this piece until about 10 weeks after it was finished. I do not question why or how come it took so long to figure out a title or even why it took so long to write the story. It was meant to take this long. I am okay with that.

This piece represents the never ending Journey of Life. It represents the paths that were taken by past generations, the paths we are on right now and the paths that will be taken by our future generations. It represents all the generations that have already made "THE JOURNEY HOME."

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