Hummingbird & Birch 16x20

The Quill & Birch Art Series has its inspiration from the artists that work with porcupine quills in the traditional way. The ingenuity, hardiness and creativity of Native peoples to use quills as a way to express themselves culturally is very moving.
The whole process of harvesting, dyeing and wetting them to make them pliable for use is what really inspired me to create this series. I tried to captured the same work that you would see on something actually adorned with quill work.
Porcupine quill artists use quills to adorn clothing, baskets, birch bark boxes, ear rings, jewelery and much more.
I chose floral patterns with different animals because each animal has its own spirit, meaning and characteristics to aid a person.
Floral patterns have been used to adorn clothing and other things in daily life for generations.
It is my honor to present the Quill & Birch Series to you and the deep meaning that can be found in all work done using porcupine quills.

20.5 mil thick poly-cotton blend canvas
Hand-stretched over solid wood stretcher bars
Matte finish coating