Wear a T-Shirt With Meaning

All of our designs have their own significance

When you shop at Bountiful Rei's, you can wear a stylish shirt that also has a great meaning behind it. Our shirts have fashionable designs printed on them while supporting local charities in our community.

The artist behind the shirts, Bill Brien, designs them right here in Bismarck. These shirts become artwork that you can wear, fashioned with designs inspired by Bill's Native American heritage. The shirts come in a variety of colors to match any wardrobe.

Contact us if you have any questions about the material or sizing.

Give back to the Bismarck, ND community

Give back to the Bismarck, ND community

When you buy a shirt from Bountiful REI's, you are also supporting the Bismarck Cancer Center. We donate part of the proceeds from all of our Native American artwork sales to the Bismarck Cancer Center.

Order a stylish and unique shirt from Bountiful REI's today.