The Native woman in this piece is running her fingers through her hair. Her pose is relaxed. She is deep in thought. She is unaware of what is going on around her. She is daydreaming. Running fingers through one's hair is a natural tendency when someone is daydreaming. She can be daydreaming about anything: her future, her present, her family, a life changing decision. She could be daydreaming about something as simple as what needs to be done just for today.

Her ribbon skirt is adorned with stars. The two main stars on her skirt represent the Morning Star. The Morning Star is the brightest object in the sky at dawn. It is meant to guide us on our journey in this life and into the next. This same star design is used when making star quilts.

Dreams and Stars share a similar meaning in terms of guidance. Stars have been used to navigate and guide us in the right the direction for millennia. The same goes for dreams. Dreams help guide us and give us vital insight as we go through life.

This piece represents the relationship between stars and dreams and how they help us.