Visiting Angels

This piece was inspired by a dragonfly that visited me one day when I really needed it. The story and title share the same meaning. The meaning when we see a dragonfly is that it is a loved one, who has passed, stopping by for a visit. A loved one checking on us and letting us know things will be okay.

The dragonfly or visiting angel that visited me on a Sunday afternoon would be my wife, Geri. She made her journey Home, May 1, 2018, after a four year battle with breast cancer. She was 39. I was having a difficult morning that day and when I stepped outside I immediately noticed this beautiful green dragonfly sitting on the fence. I soon forgot why I was having a difficult morning because I was fixed on the beautiful creature that was in front of me. The dragonfly allowed me to get close and take a few pictures. I was in and out of the house a few times and there this green dragonfly still sat. As I left out the door knowing I had to be somewhere the dragonfly simply flew away. As many times as I was in and out of the house it did not fly away until I knew I was going to get into my car and drive away.

My wife would always mention to me, "SLOW DOWN, BE PATIENT". I could get into a frame of mind that all I could think about was getting whatever lay in front of me done so I could move onto the next task for that day. This green dragonfly, my VISITING ANGEL reminded me to slow down and be patient. She was checking in on me and let me know things will be okay and that she loved me.

Those whom we miss dearly and long to see again, we will, until then remember our angels tend to visit when we need them the most.

May this art fill you with Hope.