"THE JOURNEY OF WINYAN"---Winyan is Lakota/Dakota for woman. The woman in this piece is on journey. She is at a standstill. What is she thinking? What is she contemplating? Is she leaving someplace or is she returning to someplace? Has she left all she knows to better her life or is she running from something.

The horse with travois, her clothing, the look on her face reveals she has prepared herself for the journey that lay ahead. She is ready to face the unknown. She is willing to face whatever challenges may come. Each woman, young or old, is at a different point in their journey.

Before I met my wife, she was a young 19 year old single mother of 2 baby girls. This part of her journey was a difficult one. She felt alone and was afraid. She had to make some very hard choices to make a better future for her and her daughters. What she thought was one of her greatest fears was actually one of her greatest strengths. Her greatest strength was being a mother.

These 2 baby girls she raised I am privileged to call my daughters today. God blessed me with them when I met their mother in college. My daughters are mothers themselves today. They both have had to make some hard decisions very early in their lives. But the example and lessons their mother left for them will see them through whatever comes their way. Their journey, as all women, is the JOURNEY OF WINYAN

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