Visiting Angels

The title of this piece came from a memory my son shared with me about his mom. He mentioned she would always say the word "Strength" during her 4 year battle with breast cancer. I believe that she didn't mean physical strength but a supernatural strength that comes by the way of accepting our trials and sufferings with love and patience. What my wife, Geri, went through and endured, "Strength" is the perfect title.

I can share the struggles that she went through but I want to share the grace and blessings that came out of those struggles. For many of us our lives and families forever change when someone we know has cancer or any other illness. Our minds contemplate life and death and the many other scenarios that we can think of. What our family experienced was difficult but what came out of what my wife went through none of us would have expected.

My wife taught me without words but by example. She taught me the value of patience, hope, joy, understanding, heartache, grief, sorrow and the list goes on. She taught me how to be a husband amidst all my imperfections. She taught me to slow down when life gets busy and take a look around and be grateful for the things I have been blessed with. She taught me the value of family and never going to bed angry. But most of all she showed me what unconditional LOVE feels like by simply loving me, for me.

May this art piece provide the "STRENGTH" that you need to be there for your family and friends.