Experience Life Through Art

Add beautiful native artwork to your home in Bismarck, ND

Art connects people from all backgrounds through their commonly shared experiences. Bountiful REI's creates Native artwork from our location in Bismarck, ND that celebrates these experiences, from love and joy to loss and grief.

Our Native paintings center around the family and how families help each other through hardships and struggles. Everyone shares these experiences, and you'll be able to capture your emotions and memories with our beautiful artistic prints.

Browse our selection of Native artwork to find a story that speaks to you.

What inspires Bountiful REI's?

What inspires Bountiful REI's?

While Bountiful REI's takes inspiration from the shared struggles of families, we use several themes in our Native paintings. You'll enjoy artwork that centers around...

  • Colors and emotions - Our art focuses on how different colors evoke specific thoughts and feelings, such as using blues to show innocence or reds for passion and love.
  • Native American ancestry - We reflect the relationship between the Great Spirit and all of creation in every piece through the use of Lakota images and words.
  • Real-life experiences - Every piece is inspired by the experiences of the artist, including family memories.
Learn more about our artwork by calling us at 701-541-3016.